NetSuite Functional Training

NetSuite Functional Training


Setting Up and Configuring

NetSuite Essentials
NetSuite OpenAir Essentials
NetSuite Audit & Controls (GRC)

Managing and Maintaining

NetSuite: Administrator Fundamentals

Accounting and Finance

NetSuite: Finance Fundamentals
Using Accounts Payable (AP)
Using Accounts Receivable (AR)

Managing Items and Inventory

Inventory Item Costing

Marketing and Sales Automation

Sales Force Automation: Fundamentals
Marketing Automation Workshop


Analyzing Data and Running Reports

NetSuite OpenAir Reporting
SuiteAnalytics: Reports and Searches
SuiteAnalytics: Financial Reports and Searches
SuiteAnalytics: Advanced Searches

Industry Specific

Wholesale/Distribution: Fundamentals
Software: Fundamentals
Retail: Fundamentals
Nonprofit: Fundamentals
WMS Lite: Fundamentals
Manufacturing: Configuring NetSuite for Your Business
SRP: Configuring NetSuite for Your Business

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