Quickbooks – Transactions Management


[su_spoiler title=”Bank” style=”fancy”]
Write Checks
Make Deposits
Transfer Funds
Use Credit Card
Reconcile Bank Statement
Reconcile Credit Card Statement
Import Online Banking Data
Online Banking Statement
Pay Sales Tax
Pay Payroll Liabilities
[su_spoiler title=”Sales” style=”fancy”]
Create Opportunities
Prepare Quotes
Enter Sales Orders
Approve Sales Orders
Manage Payment Holds
Fulfill Orders
Invoice Sales Orders
Create Invoices
Approve Invoices
Enter Cash Sales
Create Statement Charges
[su_spoiler title=”Employees” style=”fancy”]
Enter Expense Reports
Track Time
Weekly Time Tracking
Approve Time
Create Payroll Adjustment
Create Payroll
View Payroll Status
Allocate Paycheck Expenses to Projects
View Individual Paychecks
[su_spoiler title=”Manufacturing” style=”fancy”]
Build Assemblies
Unbuild Assemblies
Bill of Materials Inquiry
Component Where Used Inquiry
[su_spoiler title=”Management” style=”fancy”]
Enter Memorized Transactions
View Audit Trail
View Payment Events
View Gateway Asynchronous Notifications
Transaction Numbering Audit Log
Print Checks and Forms
Search Transactions
Saved Searches
[su_spoiler title=”Purchases” style=”fancy”]
Enter Purchase Orders
Order Items
Receive Orders
[su_spoiler title=”Billings” style=”fancy”]
Approve Invoices
[su_spoiler title=”Commissions” style=”fancy”]
Authorize Employee Commissions
Individual Employee Commission
[su_spoiler title=”Quota/Forecast” style=”fancy”]
Establish Quotas
Edit Sales Rep Forecast
Edit Sales Manager Forecast

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