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Accounts Receivable
Accounts receivable
Credit and collections in Accounts receivable
Configure Accounts receivables and credit and collections
Set up credit and collections
Review collections information
Revenue recognition overview
Revenue recognition setup
Revenue recognition on sales orders
Recognize deferred revenue
Set up and process recurring invoices
Accounting distributions and subledger journal entries for free text invoices
Customer posting profiles
SEPA direct debit overview
SEPA direct debit mandate
Credit card setup, authorization, and capture
Create a free text invoice
Create a free text invoice template
Correct a free text invoice
Assign a free text invoice template to a customer
Generate and post recurring free text invoices
Create sales order invoices
Set up interest rates for an interest code
Waive, reinstate, or reverse interest fees
Process interest
Create a customer invoice
Deposit customer payments
Establish customer payment terms
Establish customer method of payment
Establish customer payment fees
Set up bills of exchange
Close Accounts receivable
Create a collection letter sequence
Process collection letters
Create a direct debit mandate for a customer
Create an interest code with a range
Create a write-off journal for a customer
Set up and generate accounts receivable aging information
Copy customers by using shared number sequences
Customer workflow

Payments and Settlements
Customer payment
Use a customer payment to settle multiple invoices that span multiple discount periods
Centralized payments for Accounts receivable
Settle partial customer payment or final payment before discount
Settle a partial customer payment before the discount date with a final payment after the discount date
Settle a partial customer payment that has discounts on credit notes
Settle a partial customer payment that has multiple discount periods
Reimburse customers
Customer payments for a partial amount
Customer transactions list page

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Accounts Receivable