Dynamics 365: Cost Accounting – (Cost Accounting)

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Cost accounting
Cost accounting terminology
Fiscal calendars, fiscal years, and periods
Financial dimensions
Financial dimensions and posting
Add financial dimensions to the CFO workspace
Create account structures
Budgeting overview
Create dimensions and import dimension members
Cost element dimensions
Create cost elements
Cost object dimensions
Create cost objects
Map cost element dimension members to a common set of dimension members
Map a cost element dimension
Dimension hierarchy
Create an organization report hierarchy
Access rights of a cost object controller
Configure access rights for a cost object controller
Define cost control units
Create a cost accounting ledger
Statistical dimension members and statistical measure provider templates
Allocation bases
Create and assign a cost allocation policy to a cost control unit
Create and assign a cost behavior policy to a cost control unit
Create and assign a cost distribution policy to a cost control unit
Create a cost rollup policy
Manage data source for the cost accounting ledger
Process and trace source data
Overhead calculation
Cost rollup policy and overhead calculation
Configure cost control workspace
Configure cost control workspace parameters
Understand access list security and RLS in Microsoft Power BI
Use content pack for Microsoft Power BI reporting
Use cost control workspace for Finance and Operations mobile application

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Cost Accounting