Dynamics 365: Financials Development  – (Financials Development)

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  • Identifying processes within your organization
  • Identification of your goals
  • Discussion of your current pains


Financials development home page
Ledger account combinations
Default financial dimensions
Support for different dimension patterns
Add dimensions to Excel templates
Support for Dimension Entry controls on dialogs
Migrate default dimensions controls to Dimension Entry controls
Uptake of Dimension Entry controls
Dimension Expression Builder subpattern
Financial dimension configuration
Financial dimension activation
Financial dimensions and main accounts in right-to-left languages
Make backing tables consumable as financial dimensions
Add lookup values for financial dimensions to Excel templates
Migrate Segmented Entry controls
Support for Segmented Entry controls on dialogs
Design-time metadata for Segmented Entry controls
Migration guidance for Segmented Entry controls
Parm methods for Segmented Entry controls
Create exchange rate providers
Create exchange rate providers in Finance and Operations version 8.0
Settle transactions using CustTrans::settleTransaction

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Financials Development