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NetSuite Virtual Classroom

NetSuite Virtual Classroom

Take control of your learning—when and where you want. The Suite Training self-study provides the same great lecture topics, best practices and tips as provided in our instructor-led training courses in a flexible format. Our virtual classes are designed to be highly interactive and are taught by seasoned NetSuite instructors, who are also experts at working in the virtual environment. Students are encouraged to ask questions, engage in text chats with the instructors.

The virtual environment makes it simple to share information with the class or 1:1 with an instructor. Virtual training allows you to participate in discussions, express your opinion, and even take a coffee break just as you would in a classroom setting!

Course Catalog
For better understanding of your Oracle NetSuite virtual  training sessions we have developed the training contents in sessions and prices are for each sessions.
 Setting Up and Configuring..

Setting Up and Configuring

NetSuite Essentials – 5 Days  Price: $4,000 USD

NetSuite Essentials is the first course Administrators and anyone responsible for setting up NetSuite should take to best ensure your success. By understanding core NetSuite capabilities, how standard ERP and CRM business processes work in NetSuite, and implementation best practices, you can more accurately map your business requirements to the application and work with your implementation team to set up NetSuite for your company.


Organize the implementation plan to “go live” for my company
Configure NetSuite’s functionality to meet my business requirements
Determine users’ roles and permissions
Customize the User Interface to accommodate business needs
Plan for data migration
Examine avenues for extracting business intelligence
Setup initial controls for Enterprise Resource Planning
Setup initial controls for Customer Relationship Management
Plan for ongoing maintenance of our NetSuite account

NetSuite OpenAir Essentials – 3 Days  Price: $2,400 USD

This 3-day course provides the critical information implementation teams need to set up, configure and maintain their NetSuite OpenAir accounts. By understanding core NetSuite OpenAir features, end-user processes and reporting capabilities, you can more accurately map your business requirements to the application and work with your implementation team to set up NetSuite OpenAir for your company.


Create project work breakdown structures?
Book resources to projects?
Populate tasks with assigned resources?
Create billing and revenue recognition rules for invoicing clients?
Track time and expenses accurately against projects?
Create custom time ranges that match our fiscal time periods?
Report on key metrics during project delivery and after completion?
Build Summary and Detail reports?
Use custom detail fields and custom calculations in reports?
Display report results in visual charts or graphs?

NetSuite: Administrator Fundamentals – 2 Days Price: $1,600 USD

Do you want to manage your NetSuite account like a pro? Become more proficient by gaining insight into the “day in the life” of a NetSuite Administrator.


Describe the general structure of the NetSuite data model
Modify and create custom roles to enforce security
Publish dashboards for groups of users
Use NetSuite customization tools to add fields, control views, and create new tables
Assist and troubleshoot with reports and searches
Import data and ensure data integrity in your NetSuite account
Expand NetSuite by taking advantage of SuiteApps
Consider techniques for securing your data and system
Identify resources to assist with upcoming NetSuite releases

Accounting and Finance

NetSuite: Finance Fundamentals – 2 Days Price: $1600 USD

In the NetSuite: Finance Fundamentals course, you learn how to use NetSuite’s ERP features and capabilities to control expenses, accelerate your financial close, and ensure complete real-time visibility into the financial performance of your business.


Manage customer relationships to ensure my company is paid the money owed for providing goods or services?
Manage vendor relationships to ensure my company reflects the debts owed for receiving goods or services?
Identify and use General Ledger functionality?
Create Saved Searches to access and dynamically display key data?
Apply custom formatting to Financial Statements so data is presented in a way that makes more sense for my organization?
Setup and use Multiple Budgets so that I can plan my future income and expenditure, then track how I am doing against the plan?

Accounts Receivable  Duration: ½ day Price: $400 USD

Accounts Receivable Tasks:
Configuring Accounts Receivable Home Dashboard
Creating a New Customer
Creating a New Contact from a Customer Record
Creating a Sales Order
Approving a Sales Order
Creating an Invoice
Billing a Sales Order
Invoicing Billable Customers
Receiving Customer Payments
Recording Customer Deposits
Issuing a Customer Credit Memo
Refunding an Open Balance
Creating a Return Authorization (RMA)
Approving a Return Authorization
Setting up Billing Schedule
Committing Revenue for a Sales Order
Generating Customer Statements
Navigating NetSuite Reports
Generating Sales Order Reports
Generating Return Authorization Reports
Generating Open Invoices Report
Generating Transaction Detail Report
Generating Customer/Receivables Reports

Using Accounts Payable Duration: ½ day  Price: $400 USD

Accounts Payable Tasks:
Configure the Accounts Payable Home Dashboard
Create a New Vendor
Create a New Contact from a Vendor Record
Create a Purchase Request
Approve a Purchase Request
Create a Purchase Order
Approve and Reject a Purchase Order
Receive Against the Purchase Order
Bill a Purchase Order
Entering a Bill
Approving a Bill
Hold Payment on a Bill
Pay Bills
Enter a Vendor Credit
Enter a Vendor Return Authorization
Approve a Vendor Return Authorization
Ship Authorized Vendor Returns
Credit Vendor Returns
Print Checks and Forms
Write a Check
Void a Check
Void a Bill Payment
Pay Sales Tax
Navigate NetSuite Reports
Generating Accounts Payable Reports
Generating Standard Purchase Reports

Inventory Item Costing – 1 Day Price: $800 USD

Inventory Item Costing introduces you to the essential concepts of NetSuite inventory items and item costing methods, and then teaches you the critical skills needed to track the total value of your assets, so you can calculate your profits more accurately.


Are responsible for the setup, configuration, and maintenance of inventory item costing methods in NetSuite
Track the value of inventory items using various costing methods?
Explain how the NetSuite costing engine works?
Troubleshoot common costing user errors?


Marketing and Sales Automation

[su_spoiler title=”Marketing and Sales Automation” style=”fancy”]

Sales Force Automation: Fundamentals 2 Days Price: $1,600 USD

Sales Force Automation: Fundamentals introduces you to the essential concepts of NetSuite SFA features and capabilities and teaches you the critical skills needed to setup, plan, and execute sales operations in NetSuite.


Set up SFA and CRM options in NetSuite to optimize efficiency and reporting functionality?
Create and manage Sales Rules and Territories?
Set up Online Lead Forms to bring new leads directly into NetSuite?
Create CSV import mapping to make lead import easy and quick?
Understand the relationship and flow of Opportunities, Estimates, Sales Orders, Cash Sales and Invoices, and how these feed into the sales reports?
Create email campaigns so that sales reps can target their Customers directly?
Review the Forecasting and Pipeline setup and functionality, and impact of setup on the associated reports?
Review key sales and CRM activity reports to gain deeper understanding of my business?
Design sales manager and sales rep dashboards to facilitate daily tasks?

Marketing Automation Workshop 1 Day Price: $800 USD

Making the most of marketing automation means using the right tools to successfully attract and keep customers; align marketing and sales processes; prime the sales pipeline with new leads; and gauge the effectiveness of your efforts in real time.


Configure NetSuite for Marketing Automation?
Design email templates and send scheduled email blasts?
Create online lead generating forms?
Segment customers into target groups?
Mine NetSuite data to identify opportunities?
Schedule and launch multi-channel campaigns?
Create and track keyword campaigns?

Analyzing Data and Running Reports

SuiteAnalytics: Reports and Searches – 2 Days

SuiteAnalytics: Financial Reports and Searches -2 Days

SuiteAnalytics: Advanced Searches – 2 Days

Managing Commerce

Site Builder: Fundamentals – 2 Days Price: $1,600 USD

SuiteCommerce Advanced: Fundamentals – 3 Days

SuiteCommerce Advanced for Developers (Pre-Denali) – 5 Days

SuiteCommerce Advanced for Developers (Denali-Mont Blanc) – 5 Days

NetSuite Retail: Optimizing Your POS System – 2 Days

 Wholesale/Distribution: Fundamentals – 3 Days Price: $2,400 USD

Software: Fundamentals – 3 Days

Manufacturing: Configuring NetSuite for Your Business – 2 Days

SRP: Configuring NetSuite for Your Business – 2 Days

Automating Business Processes and Customizing

 Integrating Applications

SuiteTalk: Integrate Your Applications – 5 Days Price: $1,600 USD

SuiteCloud: Exploring the NetSuite Platform 2 Days
SuiteFlow: Workflow Fundamentals 2 Days
SuiteFlow: Workflows for Developers 3 Days
SuiteScript 2.0: Custom User Interface Development 2 Days
SuiteScript 2.0: Extend NetSuite with JavaScript 5 Days
SuiteScript 2.0 for Experienced SuiteScript Developers 2 Days
SuiteScript 1.0: Extend NetSuite with JavaScript 5 Days

Refund Policy

Refund Policy

A student has the right to cancel the initial enrollment agreement until midnight of the 5th business day after the student has been admitted. If the right to cancel is not given to any prospective student at the time the agreement is signed, then the student has the right to cancel the agreement at any time and receive a refund on all monies paid to date within thirty (30) days of cancellation.

A student who cancels their agreement by midnight of the 5th business day after the student has been admitted, but prior to the first day of a term for which they registered will receive 100 percent refund of their deposit paid. A student who cancels their agreement any time following five (5) calendar days after being admitted or after the first day of a term will receive no refund of their deposit paid except for students enrolled in a class, who shall receive a full refund of the deposit paid.

With respect to tuition paid:

If a student withdraws before the first day of classes, all tuition shall be refunded.
If a student withdraws on the first day of classes for a one-day class, no tuition reimbursement shall be provided.
If a student withdraws on or after the first day of classes for a class that is more than one day, and less than 5% of the Program has been completed, 80% of tuition paid will be returned.
If a student withdraws on or after the first day of classes for a class that is more than one day, and more than 5% of the course has been completed, the Starter League may retain an amount computed pro-rata by days in class plus 10% of tuition up to completion of 60% of course of instruction.
If a student withdraws after completing more than 60% of a course of instruction, the Starter League may retain the entire tuition.

Contacting Us If there are any questions regarding this tuition policy contact us at

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